I guess it’s bound to happen – I got sick in Nepal. Unlike my India illness, which seemed to drag on for weeks in a mildly annoying way, this was truly a 24-hour bug. But it did me in. It was that same nausea I had in India, but the stomach discomfort was more acute.  Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t read. Just lay in bed at our guesthouse in Juphal from about 4 pm onwards and through dinner. Luckily, this was not accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom – I was spared at least that indignity.

After dinner, my many companions came in to check on me and try and help. Lucky brought me some Ayurvedic mint tablets to soothe my stomach. Jenny, one of the volunteers, suggested re-hydration salts. Catriona, another volunteer, thought that wasn’t the best idea. A visiting Japanese doctor was luckily also staying at our guesthouse – she had been volunteering in the village – and so she examined me. I would survive, she predicted. She gave me some anti-nausea pills that also helped me sleep. In the morning, when the stomach bubbling was still pretty bad, she gave me some tablets to ease that too.

Having had our flight out cancelled the day before, Bina and I headed off to the airfield at 7:30 am. We were loaded onto the plane by about 9:30 or 10 am, I think. When we arrived in Surkhot to await the next plane for Jumla, I made a little bed out of my packs and had another nap. It helped. And when I woke up, I was happy to eat some chocolate biscuits – the first food I’d had since the previous afternoon.

We got to Jumla by about 3 pm and I was in bed again by 3:15 pm. Slept for another two hours, ate very plain ramen noodles for dinner, was asleep again by about 8 pm and woke up ready for my trek the next day. Relief!

A quiet morning in Jumla

A quiet morning in Jumla

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